Our Music Programs

  Beginning Lessons 

Megan's Music offers individual and group lessons that are developmentally appropriate for the beginning student. We provide learning experiences and use resources that are developmentally appropriate for the learner or group of learners (prep students, primary students, teenagers or adults). Beginning music lessons are educational, fun and allow students to explore their creativity.

Music Notes
AMEB Instruction  

Megan's Music can prepare students for AMEB theory or AMEB practical exams (Piano or Brass). If you are interested in completing AMEB exams, our teacher can suggest an appropriate grade to complete. Students will be guided to learn repertoire, technical work, and/or the aural and theoretical work.

Individualised Program

Megan's Music can customise programs that are developmentally appropriate and tailored for the individual to develop or/and extend students. Some students wish to play purely for fun and enjoyment. When teaching, Megan considers student's interests, aspirations and musical preferences. Individualised programs can also include songwriting, composition techniques or performance techniques.